Why you should integrate Peach Payments with your Wix store

Wix stores are a fantastic way to quickly set up an ecommerce business and get selling. Wix has a simple to use, drag-and-drop site builder among other intuitive tools, and is feature-rich at a low cost. Furthermore, Wix has a comprehensive app marketplace so you can easily add more functionality to your store, and supports multichannel selling via an integration with Instagram. Finally, the Wix blog is generally considered very SEO-friendly. 

So, now that you’ve chosen Wix and designed a beautiful storefront, you need to think about how your customers are going to pay you (or perhaps, you’re already accepting payments and are thinking about how to give your customers more options in that department). Luckily, Peach Payments has been a trusted and secure Wix partner for some time (see some of our Wix merchant partners below), so below you’ll find a whole bunch of great reasons to integrate Peach with your Wix store.

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More payment options = more revenue

The Peach Payments payment gateway provides your customers with a wide range of payment options (and we don’t charge monthly fees, setup fees or settlement fees, either). The bottom line: you can offer more ways for your customers to pay for your goods and services, and there’s more money in your pocket every month. Here is a list of payment options provided by Peach to Wix merchants:

  • Mastercard and Visa
  • Instant EFT
  • Mobicred
  • Masterpass
  • 1forYou

At Peach, we’re constantly working to add more payment methods that reach more customers and make our merchant’s lives easier in the process. 


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A seamless checkout experience = more conversions


Here are two statistics every ecommerce merchant should be aware of:

  • According to research from one of the major players in the space, 1 extra second of load time could lose you 40% of your conversions
  • The Baymard Institute reports that you can get up to 35% more conversions with better checkout design

Simply put, what that means for ecommerce merchants is that the smoother and faster your checkout, the more people buy. Peach enables a seamless checkout experience by providing a mobile first experience, ensuring that your customers are provided a frictionless payment experience on their phones.

At Peach Payments, we pride ourselves on offering a checkout experience that drives more conversions for our merchants:



Credit Card Details

Enterprise-grade security


At Peach, we’re PCI/DSS Level 1 compliant (and there’s no higher level of security). It’s why folks like Pick ‘n Pay, Zando, One Cart, Bathu, Quicket, SafariNow and FitChef trust us to handle their money.

For obvious reasons, we can’t tell you too much about our security. But suffice it to say we use highly sophisticated encryption methods to ensure that transactions are secure from the merchant all the way to the bank.


Ease of integration


Our Wix plugin is super easy to integrate. To get started, you simply need to sign up for a Peach account, get access to the unique secret keys assigned to your store and then add them to your Wix settings. It’s as easy as that.


Personalised support


We believe that superior customer service is the key to a sustainable business. A lot of our growth can be attributed to merchants of all sizes talking about the positive experiences they’ve had with us. Our intention is to keep supporting our merchants in any way that we can, and that’s why we doubled the size of our support team over the last year. We also kept our phone lines open, unlike a lot of businesses out there.   

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The Peach checkout is much better than their competitors, and their support is world-class. I've happily recommended Peach to all my friends.

- Evan Walther, FitKey

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