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Optimized payment process

Streamline your booking process from start to finish

  • Maximise your occupancy levels with secured payments
  • Secured payments means guests aren’t inconvenienced with extra admin
  • Save time managing the payment process
  • Payments sync with your accounting system for automated invoicing 
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Industry leading security

Safer transactions for both you and your guests

  • Card tokenization (on request) allows guests to safely store their card details
  • Transactions are secured with 3D secure two-factor authentication
  • Card details are checked against card fraud systems
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Instant Booking Confirmations

Peach Payments and Roomracoon synchronize to confirm bookings

  • Confirm bookings when deposit of full amount is paid
  • Reduces the risk of no-shows
  • Secure breakage deposits without billing until it’s needed
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Increase revenue opportunities

More payments methods, more reach and more upselling 

  • With card payments, instant EFT, Mobicred and more, Peach Payments offers a payment option for everyone
  • Foreign currency acceptance gives you access to a wider market
  • When you upsell other services at your accommodation, you can instantly charge saved cards
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Checkout that lands sales

User focused checkout reduces payment dropoff

  • Card storage lets users retry payments without having to resubmit their payment details
  • No redirects — payments are processed without leaving your checkout page
  • Mobile-ready checkout allows your guests to pay, anytime, anywhere



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