and Recurring payments 

  • Remove friction for customers and increase cashflow for your business
  • More loyal customers and predictable revenue
  • Flexible solution suits any business model
  • Increase conversions with One Click checkout
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According to ACI, around 23% of people who cancel
their subscriptions do so because of:
  • a payments issue

Let Peach Payments' secure card tokenisation technology and deep payments expertise help you increase:

customer loyalty and happiness
predictable revenue for your business

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What are subscription and recurring payments?

  • A subscription payment is when a customer agrees to have their card charged repeatedly at a specific time
  • A recurring payment occurs when a customer returns to a store they purchased at previously and pays with one click

How do subscription and recurring payments work?
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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Subscriptions and Recurring Payments

Subscription payments are only available on WooCommerce, Magento and custom integrations (API and Mobile SDK)


We have a secure tokenisation capability that means 3D Secure can be bypassed for subsequent subscription payments, allowing payments to go through automatically

The subscription or recurring payments business logic for WooCommerce or Magento is provided by specialised subscription payment apps purchasable in the relevant app store. These apps make it easy to manage subscription payments on your WooCommerce or Magento store.

In the case of an API/SDK integration, business logic needs to be coded by a developer. 

Most major credit and debit cards are available for subscription and recurring payments. However, on some of the cards issued by certain banks, the BINs (Bank Identification Numbers) are not enabled for subscription or recurring payments.

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