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How can I be sure my card details are safe with Peach Payments?

eCommerce security is the responsibility of all parties involved processing a transaction. This article gives you some clarity on the card payments security measures taken by

1. Merchants (on their websites or app)

2. Peach Payments (your payment service provider)


What security measures do merchants take? 


1. SSL Certificate

This makes sure that the information transmitted from your browser to the website is encrypted and secured when being sent over the internet. An eCommerce merchant would install this on their platform (website / app ) to help ensure the security of your information.

How to see if a website / app has an SSL security certificate installed :

- HTTPS:// rather than HTTP:// at the beginning of the website link/address
- Padlock icon at the beginning of the URL

2. 3D Secure processing

This makes sure that your bank notifies to verify a transaction, by sending you a One Time Pin (OTP) when you enter your card details and confirm payment for an order or service.

This 3D Secure process is how your bank (issuing bank, eg. ABSA, FNB, Nedbank, Standard Bank etc) lets the website know that you are the owner of the card or account.

3. Protection of Personal Information (POPI)

More information on how merchants protects your personal information is available here


What does Peach Payments do to secure my transactions?

Peach Payments processes transactions according to agreements with our acquiring partners, card schemes, PCI compliance, Payment Association Of South Africa and other 3rd parties in the processing chain (More detail on this provided in contract with our merchants) - Please contact your merchant (website or app) for more information on how they implement peach payments services and products on their web or mobile platform.

Read more on what Peach Payments does to make sure your transactions are safe on our merchants websites and apps:

  1. PCI compliance
  2. Data protection
  3. 3D Secure
  4. Fraud and Risk management 

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