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Payment Gateways, Scaling, and Ecommerce: Develocks Explains

Develocks is a young company doing big things. Founded in July 2020, they’re a dev shop that delivers the full package. They build ecommerce sites primed to scale and combine them with associated marketing infrastructure to get them off the ground.

Develocks founders Tanaka Tsoka and Wilhelm Erasmus shared their thoughts with us on what their clients need to prepare for when they scale up their businesses and the importance of choosing the right payment gateway to ensure their success. We chatted with them to learn a little more about Devlocks and why they use Peach Payments as their online payment gateway.


Customer service is key with payment gateways. If all it takes is a call or email to get things resolved, our clients don’t suffer huge losses from extended downtime

- Tanaka Tsoka, co-founder, Develocks 


How did Develocks get started?

Tanaka Tsoka and Wilhelm Erasmus came together to start Develocks when they noticed the ever-growing need for eCommerce services in South Africa. When they snagged their first big client, they not only built a top notch ecommerce site, but provided all the marketing infrastructure they needed to succeed. Their initial work landed their client record sales, and it was only up from there. With that win under their belt, a stream of new projects came flooding in, and there’s plenty more on the horizon.


What have they learned from their year in the ecommerce industry?

Having the latest technology isn’t everything. All that matters is getting sales up and running, and when the money’s in the bank you can look at reinvesting in your offering. It doesn’t take high-tech solutions to be successful in ecommerce, it takes an in-depth understanding of every aspect of running your business.


Who does ecommerce best?

You can’t talk about ecommerce and not mention Takealot. They understand that having a site is the easiest part of running an online business, the challenging part is managing stock and logistics. Every online store needs to learn from them and understand what makes them such a massive success. Client relationships play a huge part in what makes them work. With independent vendors selling off their site, they can’t guarantee the quality of every purchase, but their customer support covers for it. That’s why their customers trust them enough to make purchases on their site, even if they’ve had issues in the past.


How can a payment gateway support ecommerce businesses when they scale?

When we work with a client, we always try to move them over to Peach. When they start dealing with any kind of volume, Peaches fees are the best. It’s also important that ecommerce businesses have the best customer support they can get. You need to know that all it takes is a call or email to get the problem resolved as fast as possible. We’ve worked with other major payment gateways before and they just haven’t met our needs.


As developers, what makes Peach Payments the right choice for you?

Site integration couldn’t be easier, and us devs need that top quality support as well. When things go wrong, we can’t spend all day waiting for our payment gateway provider to help us troubleshoot the issue. It’s also really useful to have good documentation freely available to us. That way, we can do a lot of the troubleshooting ourselves. Whether it's us or our clients, Peach Payments support ensures that no matter what problems arise, it can get resolved quickly and effectively.


If you’re looking for an online payment gateway that offers a seamless checkout experience for your customers, enterprise-grade security for your store, and personalised support to you, click here to see what Peach Payments can do for you. 

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