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Intro To Couriers, Costs, and Ecommerce

Starting your ecommerce business means preparing for scale from the get go. That can look like partnering with the right online payment gateway to ensure your business is prepared to handle high volume sales or ensuring your product development and stock can immediately meet an influx of demand. But there’s one thing many ecommerce businesses fail to plan for: delivering your products at scale.


Imagine a scenario where you decide it’s time to spend some capital on developing your sales funnel and spend a sizable amount of your budget on online marketing. You create an enticing ad that speaks to your target market and drives them to your product page. You leave it to run and call it a night.

You wake the next morning to discover that 200 purchases have been made on your online store. Up until now, you’ve manually managed your courier costs and bookings. You’ve calculated the shipping costs directly into your product cost and offer free shipping as a result.

Usually, you would call up a courier to make arrangements to deliver your order to your customer. Now, instead of celebrating your ecommerce business’s success, you’re going into damage control, trying to fulfill your orders before the delay in fulfilment irreversibly damages your brand.



To avoid this nightmare, you need to understand courier costs, limitations and integrations before you’ve even launched your store. Getting these processes set up and largely automated is inexpensive and relatively easy, especially for those still starting out.

There are countless courier partners and solutions that are continuously developing streamlined methods of serving the ecommerce community, it's just a matter of you choosing the right one.

Sounds like a lot of research, right? Don’t worry, Peach Payments has your back. We’ve developed a comprehensive ebook with all the information you need to understand ecommerce logistics to help you select the right courier partner for you.


We’ve got process breakdowns, specific courier company fees and helpful insights that will help you determine which courier companies are primed to service ecommerce businesses and which aren’t.

Peach Payments understands the challenges that arise when it comes to scaling, so we’re here by your side, offering all the help you’ll need to make your ecommerce business a success. So just click the link below to download Ecommerce, Couriers and Costs: a comprehensive guide to logistics in ecommerce, and let’s get those products moving.

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