Peach Payments gives small businesses a boost for Black Friday

Peach Payments has delivered a number of initiatives aimed at supporting their small-to-medium (SME) ecommerce customers to increase their sales.

Published date:
24 November 2020

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Case Study: Foxy Mama

How Foxy Mama boosts their ecommerce sales by using Peach Payments

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Six mistakes SMEs make online

Peach Payments’ Head of SME Growth and Marketing, Joshua Shimkin, highlights six mistakes SMEs tend to make online, and how to solve them.

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SweepSouth on scaling with the right payment gateway

SMEs like SweepSouth use Peach Payments as their online payment gateway for their industry leading customer support, high conversion rate, subscription payment options and secure transactions.

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Four essential tips for online SMEs who want to expand internationally

Four essentials online SMEs should consider when they add payment options in a variety of currencies to their sites. 

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Multi-currency and cross-border ecommerce in South Africa

Everything you need to know about selling internationally from South Africa - currency converters, multi-currency accounts and everything in between.

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