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Peach Payments maximizes sales conversion for Woocommerce

Payments is the ultimate partner when your business is ready to scale. Offer more payment methods in more ways to guarantee that your checkout process is the strongest link in your sales funnel, and maximize your conversions while you’re at it.

When you build your online store on Wordpress, Woocommerce is the number one plugin to integrate online sales into your site. There’s little that Woocommerce can’t do: pages can be designed without limitation, it’s infinitely customizable to your business model, and it’s the trusted online store builder of the biggest names in ecommerce. All major plugins are available as Woocomerce integrations, from stock management to courier integration to in-depth reporting. 

But what about payments?

That’s why you need an online payment gateway that matches the power of Woocommerce. Peach Payments is renowned for its sales conversion success rate - that’s why it’s trusted by industry leaders like Zando, Netflorist, and Adidas.

The Peach Payments Woocommerce plugin offers our full range of features: 

  • World-class security
  • Industry-leading support, 
  • Recurring payments functionality that allow subscription payments
  • Secure card storage allowing for one-click checkouts
  • Sub-plugins that can integrate with our checkouts, allowing additional purchase flows with custom buttons that get your customers to checkout faster.

If you’re ready to play with the big dogs and become a juggernaut in your industry, Peach Payments’ Woocomerce plugin has the power to take you all the way and remain your payment partner for life.


How does Peach Payments enhance your checkout process?

  • All major payment methods and services are available to your customer
  • Industry leading security means your customers can make secure payments
  • Our mobile-focused checkout lets customers pay easily when shopping on the go
  • If a customer’s payment fails, they can return to payment method selection and try again without having to re-enter their details
  • Gives your store one-click checkout and subscription functionality 

How to install Peach Payments Woocommerce plugin


You can find the Peach Payments plugin file on the WordPress store:

  1. Go to plugins >> add new >> search for Peach payments in your WordPress repository and click on install. Once installed, you can then activate


  1. Go to plugins >> add new >> click on "Upload Plugin" and upload the plugin zip file if you have previously downloaded it from or received from Peach Payments.

Wordpress directory:

In order to activate your Peach Payments account you’ll need to work with your personal Peach Payments account manager to provide you with:

  • Access Token
  • Secret Token
  • 3D Entity ID
  • Recurring Entity ID


Once you’ve set up these IDs and Tokens with your account manager, they’ll provide you with Live Login details. If you have extensive testing to do before you launch, test credentials can be provided as well.


Ready to plug into Peach Payments? Get in touch with us to Set up your account now

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