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Press release: Ten-year-old Peach Payments rebrands, looks to further African expansion

12 April 2022 - Local payments provider Peach Payments today unveiled its new look and feel. 


“The rebrand,” says CEO Rahul Jain, “was prompted by the changes the business has undergone over the past decade. The new branding is a reflection of the company’s customer-centric focus, and expansion ambitions.” 

Peach Payments’ new logo and colour palette mirrors its goal of being an easy, accessible and secure payments provider for its customers, says Jain. “The next stage of our growth involves expanding our team to best service the burgeoning ecommerce market across Africa,” he adds. 

Peach Payments’ goal since it was founded has been to be the online payment gateway that helps businesses scale. In achieving this goal, the business has focused on its merchants’ customers as much as the merchants themselves.

“By making the most of user experience, Peach Payments has become the industry leader in conversion rates,” Jain comments. “With this increased sales conversion, our merchant partners have the resources to constantly scale their businesses.

“As we enter an exciting new phase of growth and expansion, we need a look that matches our optimism for financial inclusion in digital payments across Africa. We want to support the future leaders of online commerce with the best technology available so that their customers can seamlessly purchase online, unlocking prosperity for businesses.”


Peach Payments' new logo and colour palette is simple, accessible and modern, which is exactly what the company offers its customers from a technology and support perspective. Its vibrancy echoes the provider’s exciting expansion into new territories in Africa and differentiates it from what’s currently in the market. 

“The shape that holds our wordmark symbolises Peach Payments’ ability to service any business, no matter their size,” explains Jain. “The pointed top right-hand corner shows that we are always heading forward in anticipation of growth and sales for our customers.”

“As our team grows to encompass great talent from multiple countries, we’re still driven by our goal of building easy, accessible and secure solutions so that our customers can scale. This requires us to double-down on the values which have brought us this far: 

  • Strength in diversity
  • Commitment to our customers
  • Continuous learning
  • Respect for people

“These values form the backbone of our organisation and keep us in check so that we’re always listening to our customers, respecting their determination and helping them succeed. Coupled with our exciting new look, Peach Payments is ready to become the preferred payments platform for all businesses across Africa,” he concludes. 



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Peach Payments rebrands, looks to further African expansion

12 April 2022 - Local payments provider Peach Payments today unveiled its new look and feel. “The...