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How product photography increases conversions for your ecommerce store

Online shopping is becoming more competitive every day. Customer experience is key to set you apart from the competition. Great product images on your ecommerce website of your products have been known to increase conversion rates by up to 86%.

We've put a list together of why good quality images are important for your ecommerce business. 

Product Photography increases your conversion rate 

Great quality images increase the engagement on your website. Because of this, you have a longer opportunity to sell your product or service to your customer. 75% of online customers will rely on the product images before deciding whether to buy them or not.

Images also help to communicate your brand story, offerings and helps build credibility for your business with your customers. 

In summary - your images will help your conversion rate by:

  • Increasing engagement 
  • Lowering the bounce rate 
  • Creates a connection between you and your customers 
  • Gets you more views to your website

Product Photography helps with SEO 

Google thinks that "a picture is worth a thousand words." By adding good quality photos onto your website which helps increase your ranking on Google organically - increasing your online visibility. 

Search engines rely on the following: image's file name, captions, text titles and alt text, so ensure your images are sized correctly and mobile responsive. Also make sure that they load easily. This will help your business with SEO. 

Experts on SEO also noticed a trend that better quality images on your website stay for a longer period of time. This ultimately improves the experience of your customer whilst decreasing your bounce rate. 

Product Photography gets you more visibility on Social Media 

High quality images make the brand more appealing by conveying to your audience that you are professional and you care about how your business is presented to the world. This means that you will care about your customers as well. 

Social media is great in helping to get your business seen by your audience. The better quality your images are, the more likely they will be shared, liked and commented on.

If the images are fascinating and really good quality, it might open the door for your audience to start sharing your images on their social media as well. That would mean that those social media users are helping with your advertising for free.    


How to get good quality images on a budget

Your smart phone will work perfectly. We suggest that you start by playing with your camera settings. 

Quick tip: avoid digital zooming as this reduces the image’s quality. Rather crop your images using the photo editor on your device.  

Here are 5 apps that we love for editing and taking photos:

  1. Lightroom
  2. Flickr
  3. Instagram
  4. Snapspeed
  5. VSCO Cam

In conclusion

Taking high quality photos might seem like an expense when in reality it’s actually a major investment, and remember that 67% of customers think that the quality of an image is "very important" when they are making a purchasing decision.

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