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At Peach Payments, we know that developers want ease of use and dependability from a payment gateway, not to mention a cost-effective solution for their clients and a seamless checkout experience for their client’s customers. We sat down with Shopify experts and Peach Payments partner Tellmann to discuss the growth of their business, trends in the industry and why they chose to integrate Peach Payments as a payment gateway for their clients' ecommerce stores.

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A learning and innovation mission

Specializing in creating e-commerce websites that drive interaction and sales, innovation and constant learning are at the core of the Tellmann mission. Felix Tellmann, the Lead Developer at Tellmann, is a self-taught software developer who started coding professionally around 2015. His business and life partner is Tellmann’s project manager, Elizabeth Tellmann. Together, they have  built an ecommerce development studio that specializes in getting business results for clients. The company has grown rapidly in the last year, giving the team opportunities to deal with a variety of platforms, although their bread and butter remains Shopify.


What online trends are they seeing?

Having worked with a variety of clients across different industries, Tellmann is well-placed to pick up on the trends pervading the ecommerce space. So, what are they seeing?

  • Performance trumps everything. If your site is slow, you lose out. Slow sites kill conversions. In fact, 47% of consumers expect websites to load in less than two seconds.
  • Continuous maintenance is imperative. Regularly updating and maintaining your site is crucial to ensuring that it’s running properly and is giving the correct information and experience to customers.
  • Got a guest checkout? Having to first create a profile in order to make a single purchase is time-consuming and frustrating. It would be ideal for the customer's information to be applied to one order only and not stored for further use. 
  • Mobile browsing, desktop buying. It is imperative that a site be mobile-friendly, as this is where a lot of browsing happens, regardless of where customers actually check out. 
  • Seamless, intuitive checkouts for the win. Redirecting a customer can cause problems, as can having more steps in the process than is strictly necessary. Also, if my card has expired, I put the wrong number in, or you have no stock, don’t wait until after I click ‘buy’ to tell me!


How to choose a payment partner

User experience is crucial for any online business, as it is for the developer building that experience! Since direct integration keeps the entire shopping experience within your website, it gives you complete control over the look and feel of the payment process. According to Felix, their server-to-server API and mobile SDK integrations are two features that stand Peach Payments apart in the market. 

“I love the support we get from Peach and knowing that we do not have to wait 24 hours for an email response.”

After trying out competitors in the field, Tellman was also on the lookout for a payment gateway that offers technical support via multiple channels. They wanted a support team that had a fast response time and allowed for the tracking of support issues. Elizabeth quickly appreciated the fast and frequent email responses that she received from the Peach team. “One needs to remember that although this is the tech industry, there is a human on the other side of the screen,” she says.


Tellmann is all things Shopify

If you’re looking for a Shopify partner to help you do any of the following, with clarity and transparency at every step, Tellmann could be the right fit for you:

  • Store migrations from any platform to Shopify
  • An in‑depth review and analysis, covering all aspects of performance and SEO
  • Cloud-based POS to seamlessly integrate your eCommerce & retail stores
  • Custom designs and templates for your collections, product pages and more
  • Custom Functionality, from advanced filters to mega-menus
  • Expanding your reach through multiple online channels
  • Data Management
  • Ecommerce consultation that is tailor-made to the unique needs of your business

And if you’re looking for an online payment gateway that offers a seamless checkout experience for your customers, enterprise-grade security for your store, and personalised support to you, click here to see what Peach Payments can do for you.

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