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Wix, WooCommerce or Shopify? The best eCommerce platform for you

Online shopping is popular in South Africa and this trend is only going to grow over the next few years. According to Euromonitor, South African online retail growth sat between 20-35% in 2018 and in 2019, that growth continues with South Africa leading the channel in internet retail. 

The market is steadily growing as consumers recognise the benefits of online shopping from the comfort of their homes. Today, more and more companies are taking their ideas online and engaging with their customers in the virtual world. 

But to truly deliver what customers want when it comes to an immersive and accessible online retail experience, you need to invest in a reliable ecommerce platform that provides you with a solid business foundation.


Choose the perfect ecommerce platform for your business

There are plenty of ecommerce platforms and most of them have great reviews from experts and customers alike, so which one do you choose? 

Here are the top four ecommerce platforms measured by ease of use, value for money, customisation tools, support and payment processing capabilities.

Every one of these platforms is excellent at what they do, but they all have such different approaches to cost, features and ecommerce capabilities that they will suit different business types and personalities. 

Shopify eCommerce

Shopify: Best for support and big budgets

  • Ease of use – an intuitive and well-designed interface designed to make set-up and management as simple as possible
  • Value for money – Shopify is one of the more expensive platforms on the market as advanced features cost more and the extras can add up
  • Customisation tools – the platform has three plans and ten free themes but customisation is not as extensive as with other ecommerce options
  • Support – multi-channel support and plenty of help
  • Payment processing capabilities – Shopify has its own point of sale application as well as excellent security, abandoned cart recovery, and multi-currency support.     


Shopify is a well-designed and easy to use platform that includes plenty of features for the expert and beginner alike. 

It’s not cheap but the seamless interface, accessible platform and well-designed feature set make it one of the leaders on the market today. 

Shopify is easy to navigate and to use – you won’t find the learning curve exhausting or complex – and offers superb customer support. 

This platform can get expensive if you start to add on features like its Software-as-a-Service, designer themes, and vast choices of customisation tools. That said, it’s a solid platform with a great reputation for a good reason – it works, it has all the ecommerce features, and it offers you plenty of payment options. Website Builder

Wix: Best for intuitive site design and value for money

  • Ease of use – Wix is one of the easiest, if not THE easiest, ecommerce platform to use today. It’s smart, it’s accessible and it offers plenty of tools to beginner and expert alike.
  • Value for money – Wix is the most cost-effective platform for what it offers
  • Customisation tools – drag and drop website builder, variety of templates, SEO tools and plenty of features that are incredibly easy to set up
  • Support – multi-channel support and online guides
  • Payment processing capabilities – Wix has multi-currency support, retail channel integration, but no automatic tax calculations


Wix is the nice hat that just fits on your head and looks great. 

This ecommerce platform can be easily used by anyone, regardless of their technical expertise. In fact, it feels a lot like Wix has been designed by people who understand how important it is to make the experience as simple and accessible as possible. From the incredibly intuitive website builder, to the built-in analytics and SEO features, every part of the platform is designed to help you build a thriving business in hours. 

Wix is a great place to start if you’re a first-time business owner wanting to test the ecommerce waters because it won’t take you forever to set up or eat into your budget. 

The platform also comes with some nice customer relationship management tools that allow you to get more attuned to what your customers need. 

You can easily download third-party applications to boost your marketing and sales capabilities.


WooCommerce Logo

WooCommerce: Best for customisation and third-party enhancements

  • Ease of use – high-end functionality and features but complex integration and challenging setup make it best for those who know what RESTful APIs are and why they need plugins 
  • Value for money – WooCommerce is free
  • Customisation tools – tons of customisation options, lots of room to code and build out your backend, plenty of plugins
  • Support – self-service support that expects you to know what you’re doing
  • Payment processing capabilities – automated tax calculations, multi-currency support, multi-language support, rich security


WooCommerce is probably one of the most well-known and used ecommerce platforms on the market. This is for good reason. The platform is incredibly customisable with every option any business could want readily available.

You can do anything from introducing multiple language tools to multiple currency and tax conversions to in-depth analytics and SEO development. However, WooCommerce is definitely not for those who want a plug-and-play solution that just gets on with it. 

It takes patience, technical familiarity and a willingness to troubleshoot to make this work. WooCommerce is free to use but it does need a Wordpress site to connect to – it doesn’t help you build a website like Shopify or Wix – and the costs of hosting can become heavy as you add content and flesh out your business. 

WooCommerce is one of the first ecommerce platforms to enter the market, so it’s had years to evolve its capabilities. Many companies have developed third-party apps for the platforms that are designed to take an online business in highly specialised directions. 

It’s a really solid choice for the business but one that must be taken by someone who has a penchant for tech and terminology.


BigCommerce: Best for ease of use and customer details

  • Ease of use – quite possibly one of the simplest eCommerce platforms on the market
  • Value for money – extra features cost extra money so bills can add up
  • Customisation tools – feature rich, robust capabilities, superb design tools, easy customisation options and a gorgeous online store in under an hour
  • Support – helpful videos, guides and walkthroughs
  • Payment processing capabilities – BigCommerce has no payment gateway lock-in, multi-currency support, extensive marketing tools, retail channel integration, inventory management and tax calculations


It’s hard to find fault with BigCommerce except that it’s not supported by any payment gateways in South Africa, which limits your payment methods to PayPal. 

The platform has been so well designed that it makes building an online business fun and exciting rather than a tedious exercise in troubleshooting and extra expenses. 

Yes, the platform does follow in the ‘extra cost for that feature’ footsteps of Shopify, but it has limited the number of features you have to pay extra for. 

Plus, it has given you so many marketing tools that you'll love configuring your website. Using this platform, you can create your own customised domain name, build a secure shopping cart, design a comprehensive product catalogue and build your own website in a matter of hours. 

BigCommerce is fun. It’s fun to play around with the features and the design elements and to see how you can learn more about customers with the marketing tools and sales kits.

It’s fun to build a business because the platform is incredibly well designed. 

You pay more here than for some of the other solutions on the market, but the features make it worthwhile. 

Squarespace Website Building Company

SquareSpace: Best for beauty

  • Ease of use – It can be complicated, expect a learning curve
  • Value for money – One price, costs to add on features
  • Customisation tools – stunning templates with tons of flexibility that leave most designs wishing they could be this beautiful
  • Payment processing capabilities – Multi-currency support, retail channel integration, payment gateway lock-in with Stripe, PayPal and Venmo


SquareSpace doesn’t have as many features as the competition but the depth of the features on offer is remarkable. The sites you will create will be effortlessly beautiful, the templates elegant, and the overall look and feel quite magnificent. 

Design and usability are high up on the list of plusses here, but and here is a but, SquareSpace does need some time dedicated to learning how it works. 

It will take some effort to get the best possible results with this platform. The other downside is the payment gateway lock-in. You’re limited to only three platforms which is, well, limiting. However, it’s a gorgeous platform with enough oomph to make it a winner. 


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