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Top 5 benefits of having an Instagram shop

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms using photos and video as it’s primary content delivery for millions of daily users. 

One of the newest features of Instagram that has emerged is the Instagram Shop which has taken the social media scene by storm, giving ecommerce businesses a brand new space to sell their products. 

An outstanding fact is that more than 80% of Instagram users follow an Instagram business account and more than 200 million users visit more than one business profile daily, resulting in the opportunity for you to reach a much wider audience with your products.

Many major brands like Sony and H&M are also taking advantage of Instagram Shopping feed posts. Instagram Shopping feed posts are a more basic form of shopping on Instagram, they give you the opportunity to post a photo and then tag a few products within that photo. 

If you’re a small business, Instagram offers simple tools to help list your products to make purchasing even easier for your customers.Here are 5 reasons why you should start selling on Instagram:


1. Products are easily discovered 

The products are easily discovered because of the shoppable tags which are clickable, taking customers straight to where the product can be bought. 

It’s often the case where we come across clothing that we love with no link or instruction as to where we can buy them, which leaves us unable to discover the same product anywhere else again. 

But this all changes with the Instagram Shop. Finding where the products are being sold by just a click has never been easier.


2. Quicker and simpler buying experience 

Instagram will now offer a much simpler alternative to lengthy buying experiences by allowing the customer to browse, get what they want and checkout in just a few clicks. 

With Instagram Shop, consumers don’t have to follow an endless trail of links to get to their product anymore. They can go through catalogs and see the prices of products all in one place. 


3. You can tap into impulse buying 

Impulse buying is all about how the consumer relates to what the product can bring to their life in the immediate future. 

This is why the Instagram Shop does such a good job at convincing consumers that they need a specific product with simple purchasing journeys, whether it be a camera or an outfit. 

Impulse buying on the Instagram Shop is a strong marketing strategy because consumers tend to work off of emotions when making their final buying decision. 


4. Opportunities for influencer marketing 

Influencers can increase sales for your ecommerce store on Instagram quite rapidly given their profound influence on the market at large. Before Instagram Shop, a small portion of users knew and engaged with brands. 

But now they have the chance to integrate the shop into the influencer marketing content strategy in order to drive sales directly. This is because more than 80% of Instagram users follow an Instagram business account.  


5. Business-to-consumer marketing (B2C) 

Social media is one of the first places that consumers go to in order to see what’s happening in the fashion world. This is because Instagram is one of the main platforms that influencers and brands use when marketing themselves and their products. 

So, creating an ecommerce store on the Instagram Shop will allow for B2C marketing through different kinds of organic content. 

B2C marketing has many benefits including a higher customer satisfaction rate because of the direct engagement that takes place between your company and the consumer. 


Here are an additional few tips on how to boost your engagement using the Instagram Shop:

  • Only post real photos of the product you’re selling or promoting
  • Showcase the product in real life by taking photos of it wherever you can 
  • Be genuine and authentic
  • Showcase your personality with the product


Customers are looking for quick and easy online experiences . The Instagram Shop just so happens to provide this superior shopping experience because the shop is brought directly to the customer. 

Now that you’re familiar with the benefits, try setting up your own Instagram Shop! 


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